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Hi Everybody!

Welcome in my new site, Avri Lavigne Fan page.

2012b I hope you SMILE! :) avril_lavigne_gif_kiss_by_aliceenana-d3gv810

New: Black Star Tour is going to end
on Friday 11 November 2011 

Follow the Black Star Tour on Facebook!
   >>Avril Facebook Profile

New: Newest Collection of A.D. Shoes were coming and available in shops. =) But some of them.

See The Abbey Dawn new Collection!


New: Av Parfumes (15 ml) are 1500 HUF or 13,56€ in Douglas Parfumeria shops.

Avril's Parfumes are already in Douglas Parfumeria! Try it, buy it!

Any News: New Picts are available on 'Képgaléria' (shortcut in right colum) and new Inspired by Avril videos (Shortcut in left colum)

That's the all for now. Bye-Bye




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